🗺 Keyman Roadmap - March 2022

We have just updated our Keyman Roadmap. Please give your feedback for upcoming versions 16 through 18 here!

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For version 16.0
Please try to include

  1. Shortcut to emoji keyboard in Android. It’s simple built in routine to map. Or gesture swipe to space bar to emoji keyboard
  2. Ability to disable “dot” to indicate popup keys in mobile
  3. Display 2 or 3 labels (letters) on keys
  4. Windows, mac and Linux version to support word suggestion, or at least Windows

At least for Windows, word suggestion should be enabled.

Hi @mayura,

Thanks for the feedback. The changes to the on screen keyboard are scheduled for v17 per the blog post. We don’t have a current timeframe on supporting predictive text on desktop – it’s a very big job. For emoji support, we can consider that at the same time as we look at the gesture support for switching keyboards (see spec: multitap and flick for touch keyboards · Issue #5029 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub).

Add Google Voice Typing shortcut in the Keyman Keyboard next to suggestion bar in Android

Please include it version 16. It’s a simple call in built in Android API

Most third party apps are using this feature.

Also, if the Google Voice typing language can be linked to the Keyman keyboard language, it would be great. If the API allows it

Please see my discussion in your linked issue.