Predictive text in onscreen keyboard


I was wondering if the feature of enabling predictive text can be enabled in onscreen keyboard. This feature works well in mobile/tablet devices. However, this feature doesn’t seem to be enabled on desktop keyboards. Is there anything I’m missing out here?

Can you help out in enabling this feature on onscreen keyboards?

Thank you!


Hi Anita!

This is something that has been requested by others but at this time we don’t have the resources to implement it – it’s a big job and we are a very small team! See #344

One day hopefully we can work on this!


Hi Marc,

Any progress on the predictive text feature on onscreen keyboard?

What kind of help do you need? This is been a high priority request from several teams.


Hi Anita,

Thanks for the continued interest! This would probably be a 6 month to 1 year project to see it through to completion, and we don’t have the resources on our team at present to tackle it – we would need additional developers to help us make it happen. Our current priorities can be seen at 🗺 Keyman Roadmap - March 2022.