Bloom makes it easy to create simple books and translate them into multiple languages. It also has an online crowd-sourced library of books that you can download and translate. Ask a Question


Keyman makes it easy to create and use keyboard layouts for any language. It has a catalogue of existing keyboard layouts and tools to help you create your own. Help documentation also available at

Dictionary App Builder

Dictionary App Builder helps you to build customized dictionary apps for Android smartphones and tablets.

Reading App Builder

Reading App Builder helps you build customized apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Language Forge

Language Forge is an online collaborative lexical editor that syncs with FLEx. It looks good on mobile devices, features collaboration, commenting and review, user roles and handles a variety of lexical fields. Ask a Question or Get Started.


WeSay helps non-linguists build a dictionary in their own language.
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SIL Fonts

SIL develops fonts for a wide range of uses and writing systems.


In this category, we have space for discussion of SIL programs that don't require much discussion, FAQ, etc.


SayMore makes common Language Documentation tasks fun and keeps you organized and productive. Ask a Question

Speech Analyzer

A computer program for acoustic analysis of speech sounds.

New Product Ideas

Share and vote on ideas for new language software.