🗺 Keyman Roadmap - March 2022

Hi Kent
Thank you very much for the link. I haven’t been through everything but it looks like just a normal (beginner) Keyman tutorial. I am spécifically looking for new features like implementing Automatic capitalization etc…
Will look into it to see if any new feature is addressed.


Hi Ibrahima,

Yes, it is a basic tutorial. The main new feature it covers is the new method for testing a touch keyboard. It does not automatic capitalization.


Thanks a lot
About capitamlization I the “start-of-sentence detection”: Casing support


We haven’t yet planned a workshop for the capitalization features in Keyman 15. I agree that this would be a good thing to do, and so will discuss internally if and when this will be possible.

Thank you very much Marc. Yes, workshops are very useful for people like me.
About capitalization can’t we just copy the code here: and paste it into our code since Fulah will behave like English and French as far as first letter capitalization is concerned?

I am also wondering where all the webinars are stored so I can have a look whenever I need to. I remember it was on Vimeo. Any link?


I think this is where they all should be: https://www.youtube.com/c/KeymanApp/videos
I’m not sure what the Vimeo link was.

And here’s the page from the Keyman 14 webinars: Keyman 14 Launch Webinar Series

Here is a Vimeo link for Keyman training videos:


But I think the Youtube link has the newest videos in it.

And here’s an organised page of Keyman Developer videos, mostly centred around the 2020 webinar series currently: Keyman Developer Training Videos

We’ll try to continue updating this page when we have new videos to add.

Yes, that should work pretty well in most cases. You’ll need to make sure you follow the steps there about updating your touch layout as well, so that the caps layer is present and the shift layer functions as expected.

For sure the latest Unicode 15.0 should be included on the next Keyman Developer version.


@inurwansh, yes, we’ve already updated for Keyman Developer 16.0, and we always update the Unicode version with each major release. You can update the Unicode Character Database yourself to a newer version in Tools/Options at any time, as well, and Keyman Developer will work with newer characters even if they are not yet in the version of Unicode that is officially supported.