🎉 Keyman 15.0 is now available!

We’ve just pushed the Big Red Go button to launch Keyman 15.0. You can get it from all the Usual Places, including, of course on the Keyman website!

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Please do feel free to leave feedback here where the Keyman team will read it and respond :smile:

Read about some of the highlights below!

Two Major Features for iOS, Android, and Web

New Localizations

Many of the Nigerian languages provided by Translators Without Borders:

  • Bura-Pabir
  • Demgal Fulfulde
  • Hausa
  • Kanuri
  • Kibaku
  • Mandala (Wandala)
  • Marghi
  • Shuwa (Latin)
  • Waha
  • Simplified Chinese

Keyman for Windows

Keyman for macOS

Keyman for Linux

  • Now supports Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute), 21.10 (Impish), and 22.04 (Jammy)
  • Improvements in Debian packaging
  • Fix crash when displaying certain keyboard details
  • Caps Lock Stores
  • fcitx5 integration
  • Improve installation of packages in shared location
  • Automated integration tests with Keyman Core
  • and more…

Keyman for Android

  • Keyman Engine no longer needs internet access
  • English keyboard can now be removed
  • Add a menu to adjust keyboard height
  • Add a settings option to change the displayed keyboard name on the spacebar
  • Improve the globe key experience for switching keyboards
    Keyboard Type # Keyman Keyboards Short press and release to
    In-app 1 Display keyboard picker menu
    In-app 2+ Quickly switch to next Keyman keyboard
    System 1 Quickly switch to previous system keyboard
    System 2+ Quickly switch to next Keyman keyboard
    • A long press on the globe key will bring up a list of all currently installed languages (the default is English EuroLatin (SIL)).
  • Select numeric layer when entering a number field
  • and more…

Keyman for iPhone and iPad

  • General polish, bug fixes, and performance improvements
  • Update minimum iOS version to 12.1
  • and more…

Keyboard Development and Integration


  • Refactored OSK Core
  • Promise-based API
  • Improve keyboard switch performance
  • Enable mouse interaction for the prediction banner
  • and more…

Keyman Developer

  • Core-based debugger
  • Keyman Developer Server
  • Improved native-mode debugger
  • Improve drag+drop integration of keys with the Touch Layout Editor
  • Web test no longer needs Developer tools for touch testing
  • Add support for U_xxxx_yyyy_... identifiers so you can emit more than a single Unicode character with touch keys without additional kmn code
  • Keyman Developer debugger no longer depends on Keyman for Windows
  • Live reload of web debugger
  • and more…

:arrow_right: Learn more + downloads
:arrow_right: Read our blog post


Any guide on how to implement the numeric layer will be very helpful. Any web link?

More strength to the Keyman team.

The new strings translated since last year keep showing in English in the app. A few typos fixed still remain unfixed in the app. I’m I missing something? Can someone please look into this?

What language(s) are you seeing this for?

Obolo language (ann)

Great news, @Marc! I’ve been using the beta with a few build updates for weeks without any issues.

I’m currently on beta 15.0.260. Should I just stay on that or should I uninstall it and get the GA 15.0 version?

Will my beta version be automagically merged with the GA version during a future update if I take no action now?

@DrJay, thanks!

If you are on a beta version, then only beta updates will be offered to you automatically. You should be able to download and install the latest stable version over the top of the beta version without problem.

The numeric layer at this point is just the layer called “numeric”. This really is a stop-gap until we have full input mode handling (tel, number, email, etc). At that point, we may introduce a “numpad” or something like that which is just digits and decimal separator (plus possibly telephone number separators like #). The thing is, there are so many different input modes (and they are inconsistent between devices), and we don’t want to force every keyboard author to have to support all of them, so we want to look at ways to make this automatic. There are many complexities – e.g. which script should digits be in…

@katelem, would you be willing to open an issue on this at New Issue · keymanapp/keyman? Our localization manager is on furlough so it may take a bit of time before anyone is able to look into it, but I don’t want to lose this in amongst all the other conversations on the Community site.

Ah, we haven’t pulled in the latest strings yet because we generally wait till the completion percentage is about 98% on Translating Keyman to Obolo language.
Android is currently ~76%.

If you can translate a handful of the Android strings, I’ll pull them in. And we can get the other platforms when you finish them.