1.8 Release

It is my pleasure to announce that Language Forge is again under active development and the team has recently released some fixes and improvements! Language Forge is an online collaborative dictionary editor that syncs with FLEx. While this is a modest release, it includes developer improvements that make it easier for us to release improvements in the future. Thank you for your patience and feedback. The next few months will prioritize fixing bugs in existing Language Forge features. If you use Language Forge and would like to file a bug report or give us feedback, you can do that in one of several ways:

Language Forge 1.8 Released (2021-Aug-31)

User Improvements/Fixes

  • More projects can now do Send/Receive with FLEx
  • Improved single entry scrolling - removed unnecessary scrollbar in editor
  • More prominent settings cog button
  • Support image uploads in GIF format
  • Bug fixes in dictionary configuration checkbox grid

Developer Improvements/Fixes

  • Development and Deployment environment using Docker containers
  • Deployment on new K8s infrastructure
  • Tech support role fixed
  • Many upgraded dependencies