What's New in the Language Forge 2023-03 Release?

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Known Issues and Limitations

To see the known issues and limitations in Language Forge, visit this page on GitHub.

1.3 Release (31-August 2017)

1.4 Release (9-February-2018)

1.7 Release (2-March-2020)

1.8 Release (31-August-2021)

See this release’s highlights on YouTube

1.9 Release (30-September-2021)

  • Keyboard shortcut PgUp/PgDn to page through entries
  • Fixed a bug where the last login date was not being updated for Google/Facebook logins
  • Users now go directly to their project on sign-in
  • Optimized mobile keyboard: prevent auto-capitalization on some fields
  • Input fields now auto-resize for display and editing of longer text
  • Fixed bug introduced in 1.8: extra whitespace in list view
  • Send/Receive fixes

1.9.2 Release (12-October-2021)

  • Remove site footer across application
  • Reduce vertical padding/margin on form controls in edit view
  • Simplify “Share with others” user experience

See the 1.9 releases’ highlights on YouTube

1.10.0 Release (28-October-2021)

  • Increase working space on mobile by making rendered entry (top entry paragraph) scrollable
    • Note: For the time being, if you installed this on your device as a PWA, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the app to see this change.
  • Minimize edit conflicts when multiple users work on the same entry at the same time
    • New adjustable update interval setting (only use if instructed to by tech support)

See this release’s highlights on YouTube

1.11.0 Release (2-December-2021)

  • Add “whole word” search option
  • Ignore diacritics by default when searching, or select option to match diacritics when searching
  • The left-hand word list now does a better job of keeping the current word in view. (Larger screens only.)

1.12 Release (13-January-2022)

  • Improved results when conducting searches
  • New feature: There is now an entry number for display and navigation in between the left and right arrows.

1.13 Release (20-January-2022)

This release features behind-the-scenes engineering improvements that make it easier for the development team to roll out future improvements.

2022-02 Release (February)

  • When you load Language Forge, it now takes you to your most recently viewed entry.
  • Bug fixes


From now on Language Forge will be using dates to name their updates, rather than version numbers. Additionally, updates will be posted to this site just once a month, even though LF is updated more often than that. Remember that you can also check the release notes in GitHub, which correlate precisely with the actual releases. They are more detailed and technical in nature.

2022-03 Release (March)

  • Fixed a bug where simultaneous edits could lose data when diacritics were involved
  • Hide Share button from My Projects Page
  • Many behind-the-scenes engineering improvements

2022-04 Release (April)

  • Fixed bug related to data in custom fields and dropdown lists not saving properly
  • Security Improvements
  • Fix saving custom fields on senses and examples
  • Hide prev/next entry control on mobile
  • Updated and added links under the About button
  • Allow m4a audio uploads
  • Improvements to the password reset mechanism
  • Many behind-the-scenes engineering improvements

2022-06 Release (June)

  • Users can now sign into Language Forge if they type capital letters in their email address.
  • Many behind-the-scenes engineering improvements.

2022-07 Release (July)

  • Fixed a display issue, allowing mobile users to create non-Send/Recieve projects. (Creating non-Send/Recieve projects is still not recommended.)

2022-08 Release (August)

  • Some behind-the-scenes security and reliability improvements.

2022-09 Release (September)

  • Some behind-the-scenes reliability improvements and optimizations.

2022-10 Release (October)

  • Projects now have a landing page! You can find more details about it here.
  • The search bar now looks more like a search bar. (It was formally labeled as “Filter”.)
  • Fixed quality issues with recording audio.
  • Due to reliability issues, for the time being we have disabled adding, configuring, or deleting custom fields in Language Forge. These changes must be made in FLEx, and in synchronization with Language Forge. Follow these instructions to do so.
  • Due to compatibility issues, editing input and writing systems can now only be done in FLEx.
  • The duration of an audio clip now is displayed consistently
  • Users are now shown a warning if they upload an image or audio file that is too big to be synced with FLEx
  • The LF homepage now has more links to help resources, without having to sign in first.
  • Other behind-the-scenes security improvements and optimizations.

2022-11 Release (November)

  • Added scroll behavior to “My Projects” dropdown
  • Improved offline detection and eliminated notifications for offline/online status
  • Disabled adding to options lists
  • Made the stats on the landing page clickable under the right circumstances
  • Improved interface for reordering and deleting meanings and examples inside entries

2022-12 Release (December)

  • It’s now possible to transfer project ownership and for admins to delete projects
  • Enabled new project settings options for audio recordings
  • Unresolved comments are no longer visible for those with an observer role

2023-01 Release (January)

  • Fixed audio playback slider in audio clips.
  • Updated the languageforge.org homepage
  • The “Share with others” dialog was opening when it shouldn’t
  • Users can now delete their Language Forge account
  • Language Forge can now send and receive files up to 10MB in size

2023-02 Release (February)

  • Changed some section and field labels in entries so as to be more consistent with FLEx
  • Many behind-the-scenes engineering improvements.

2023-03 Release (March)

  • Adding Language Forge as a PWA to Apple devices now works better (That is, adding Language Forge to the device’s home screen, from the browser.)
  • Many behind-the-scenes engineering improvements.

2023-04 Release (April)

  • It is no longer possible to create new projects using the LIFT import, or make new projects that are not able to be synced with FLEx.