Why can I switch to other keyman keyboards

When I’m testing my keyboard in Google dev tools, I notice I can switch to other keyman keyboards either using the dropdown menu
or by using the special Menu key on the touch keyboard
Obviously, this also happens on the Keyboard installed by my KAB app, which is disturbing.
Because if the users tap the Menu Key, they can switch to other versions.
I wonder why and how can I remove those keyboards which I can’t see in my Keyman project.
Sorry if it’s a silly question, I must be unaware of something I suppose.
Any ideas? Thanks

This shouldn’t be happening with the KAB app – can you provide some example images of what you are seeing in your KAB app?

The keyboards you see in the Keyman Developer testing tools (also known as Keyman Developer Server) are only available within the testing environment, and will always be (up to) the last 10 keyboards you’ve been testing.

When I start typing I see another keyman keyboard

I must tap the Menu key to see the right version

Sometimes it’s the other way around. The right keyboard shows up, and if one taps the Menu key the other bad version shows up.

This other version is not installed by another app.
It is somehow embedded with the app, even if it’s not part of the keyman keyboard (as far as I can see)

This relates to the package .kps data you have setup for the keyboard, I think: it looks like you might have multiple languages associated with the keyboard.

Can you share your .kps file or your entire project?

Problem solved. Marc checked the kps, which looked fine. He encouraged me to double-check the KAB project. There was only one keyboard in it (and the right one). I decided to create a brand new KAB project and it solved the problem. Thank you, Marc!