Possible bug in KAB?

I opened this request for Keyman. To make it short, if the users tap the Menu Key, they can switch to other versions of the keyboard that are not included in the KAB project.

Marc D. checked the KAB project, and it appeared that even though there was only one kmp added to the GUI interface, two kmp were present in the folder project_data\keyboard.

I even had a case where the user can choose another keyman keyboard, while no other kmp was found in this folder. It’s like KAB remembers old versions previously installed. This problem is solved by creating a new KAB project from scratch with the exact same data, but a different package name. Is this issue already listed?

From the other post, it sounds like this is resolved now

Problem solved. @Marc checked the kps, which looked fine. He encouraged me to double-check the KAB project. There was only one keyboard in it (and the right one). I decided to create a brand new KAB project and it solved the problem. Thank you, Marc!

Not really, the other post explains the workaround to solve the issue. I manually removed the keyboard which was in the folder project_data\keyboard although not listed in the GUI of KAB. But the fact KAB keeps the keyboard not listed in the GUI might be something to look at.