Simple Android dictionary builder?

Hi all,

This is just a quick question about possible options. The community I work with is interested in developing their dictionary more, because all that exists now is an old typewritten version and a text version of it.

They don’t have access to a computer or reliable internet, but they do have Android phones. Wesay, Lexique Pro, etc seem like the type of thing I’d want, but they don’t have Android versions. I haven’t installed DAB yet, but it seems like more of a reference for users once you have a dictionary, rather than starting from scratch.

Is DAB what you guys would recommend, or would you suggest something else? What options are out there?

Hi there,

Seems like LanguageForge is what you need. On the linked website, below you will find a video that shows the functionalities. The Android App is available here. And this post might help you getting started.

And yes, DAB is what you would use to publish a ready dictionary, i.e. building an app out of a dictionary, rather than building the dictionary itself - which is what you are looking for.