Program to open kmp file

What content am I missing on the kmp, and is there a way to add it without starting again from scratch?

Have you followed the steps outlined by @Lorna at Can't Compile kmn - #31 by Lorna?

That’s the first thing. I think she’s listed all the changes you need to make to get the kmp working.

If you’ve followed those steps, please upload the .kmp file to this topic and we can re-review it. Without the .kmp file to look at, we’re just guessing.

Here is the kmp, after I re-did it with Lorna’s instructions.
Phonetic Hebrew 2.0.kmp (2.1 MB)

I have reviewed this file. The only issues I saw had instructions on how to correct them in earlier responses to you:

  1. The file name of the package and of the keyboard does not match the requirements for Android – please reference @drowe’s detailed response to you at Can't Compile kmn - #6 by drowe on how to fix this.

  2. The package still does not contain the .js compiled keyboard file, as noted by @Lorna in her post I referenced above.

  3. The package still does not have the language metadata, which you can set in the Keyboards tab in the package editor, as noted by @Lorna in her post.

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