MS Office 365 - 64bit support


I recently upgraded my MS Office package to Office 365-64bit version and also updated WIN-10 (64bit) recent security updates.
Earlier, I was able to prepare all my PowerPoint (Office 365-32bit version) presentations using Keyman Desktop 9.0 - Sinhala (Sinhalese) language without any issue.
And now, Keyman is not supporting to MS PowerPoint and also I found some issue in using MS Excel as well; but Keyman is perfectly working on MS Word without any issue.
How can I solve this matter?
Thanks in advance!!


Hi, I’m looking into this and will let you know when I have completed my investigation.


I’ve now tested Keyman 10 (now released) here with the latest Office 365 64-bit edition on Windows 10 64-bit, and did not find any problems using MS PowerPoint or Excel. Can you give some more information on the problem you are experiencing? You may also find it helpful to send us a diagnostic report (see for instructions)


Thanks a lot Marc! I will upgrad to Keyman 10 and will let you no further if I found issues.


Hi Marc,
I installed Keyman 10 and the languages as well.
The ‘Sinhala’ keyboard I am using for my language is Sinhala - ‘Sipon’ Keyboard and that is still not supporting to MS PowerPoint and MS Excel on Office 365 64Bit version. And earlier I could write Sinhala language on Web Search as well using the said Sinhala keyboard, but now even I selected that keyboard, there is only English keyboard is functioned.
Pls kindly look into this issue specifically focusing the language I use (Sipon).


Okay, I just tested the Sipon Sinhala keyboard here with Word 365 64 bit version and had no trouble. Can you send us a diagnostic report following the instructions at


Hi Marc,
Thanks for your reply. You are absolutely correct. Even Keyman Desktop 9.0 was also supported for Ms. Word and also for Outlook (365 64bit).
As I clearly indicated in my previous messages/comments, both the Keyman Desktop 9.0 or 10.0 does not support to 365 64bit versions of Ms. PowerPoint, Ms. Excel and some incorrect texts typed while typing on internet browsers…
I will follow your instructions to send diagnostic report as indicated above.
However, just as experienced by myself, what would happen is, on PowerPoint, even we change the language it is not supporting to Sipon or any other Sinhala Language in Keyman Desktop software; so the keyboard is not change from the default Keyboard (US English in my case) technically while it is indicated on status bar (right side) the language has been changed.