Minimum Requirements to Share a Keyboard

I’m finding the process of making a full keyboard package overwhelming. If my goal is just to share this keyboard with a few friends, what is the most bare-bones file I can share that will still work on another computer? (It’s for desktop.)
The keyboard works on my computer, I’ve written documentation, and I’m not planning on adding fonts, but every time I try to write readmes and fill in package information I end up giving up.

Welcome back to the community @kiragecko,

What keyboard language are you working on?
The only file to share to other devices (Mobile, MacBook, Desktop…) would be the .kmp file. You can read more here.
If compile the .kps file then the .kmp will appear and you can share it with friends to download. Here is a step by step guide (This example is for Mac, but it has the same process).

We understand the frustration and that you have a hard time with the keyboard development process. But, please take the time you need to setup the readme file and the package information.

Let us know if there is further question.

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