Link 4 Keyman Android

I want to install Keyman onto my Android but can’t seem to find the link to download it. Can anyone help?

Keyman for Android app your can go to either of this places:

After installing Keyman for Android, you can look for the keyboard by following the instructions here: Adding Keyboards - Keyman for Android Help. This is specifically for version 13.

I went to the link you referred me to and installed that program. But when I tried to install a special keyboard that I myself made with the Developer the kmp file would not open.

Can you share the kmp file with me so I try it on my side?

Here are the instructions to install a keyboard you developed by yourself: Installing Custom Keyboards/Dictionaries - Keyman for Android Help.

I tried to send you the kmp file but gmail will not allow it for security reasons. I followed the instructions on the link you sent me, but when I get to the “Install” step and click on “Install”, I get

I tried to send you the kmp file but gmail will not allow it for security reasons. I followed your instructions in the link you sent me and I got to the “Install Keyboard Package” page. When I click “Install”
I get “Package…kmp failed to install. No keyboards or predictive text to install”

I have version 13.0.6220

Can you zip it and send it in the DM here?

The zip file was also blocked for security reasons.

Can you check in Keyman Developer that the keyboard package you’ve created has:

  1. a JS file for the keyboard
  2. assigned a language (in the keyboards tab) of the Package editor

I don;t remember if, when I made the keyboard I made a JS file. I might have skipped it since I don’t know what it is.

What is the “DM”?

In Keyman Developer, you specify what target you want to use the keyboard.
Desktop compiles to a .kmx file
Mobile compiles to a Javascript (.js) file.

Keyman for Android (and Keyman for iPhone and iPad) use the .js file. So that’s what you need to include in the keyboard package.

What is the “DM”?

That’s a direct message. You can click on Makara’s name and select “Message” to send him files.

If you still have the issue, we can try and have a remote session to resolve it.