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I am working on documents in Dan language from Liberia. I am using LIBTRALO keyboard, but I have noticed that the keyboard does not have upper cases for these characters ɥ, ɓ, ŋ.

What can i do?

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VictorG, thank you so much, i have moved the question to the keyman category.

What version of the keyboard are you using? According to the documentation for version 1.5, you should be able to get the upper case version of those characters by typing ;H ;B ;N .

I am using keyman 9.0

I updated the keyboard since we last talked. You should uninstall your LIBTRALO keyboard and then download and install the newest version of the keyboard from here:

I hope it covers the characters you requested.

I have uninstalled my LIBTRALO keyboard and have reinstalled it from the link shown but the upper case for ɥ, which should have a longer curved tale does not appear when i key shift+,+h (2) upper case for ɓ which should look like this Ƃ does not appear when i key shift +,+b (3) upper case for ŋ which have longer curved leg does not appear when i key shift+ ,+n

If recommended i can send you sample of how the characters upper cases look like.
Thank you for efforts.

Maybe it is a font issue. Can you tell me what font you are using? The special form of the uppercase hook b is only available in a few fonts.


I am using Charis SIL font

The upper cases for the characters needed look like the following

  1. shift + simi colon+h=image
  2. shift + simi colon + b=image
  3. shift + simi colon + n=image

Can you please post a link to the keyman thread this is related to? I’m having difficulty following the discussion.

We are taking this discussion offline. If we have to update the keyboard, I’ll put a message here to let people know the result.


It is just that I am working on Dan documents right now too.

It turns out that the problem was not the keyboard, the problem was that the Dan language uses a special form of the capital hook B. The solution is to use a font that includes the glyph the Dan language requires.

I have built a new version of the LIBTRALO that distributes a “Charis SIL Dan” font with the specific form of the capital hook B that Dan requires. If you are working in Dan, this keyboard will install that font for you.

The LIBTRALO keyboard is available here:

Thanks Lorna,
It’s wonderful working with new LIBTRALO keyboard in Dan language.


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I’m so glad! I enjoyed “meeting” you online.

What is the BCP47 ID/code for this keyboard’s target text?

From this page: it says:
The LIBTRALO (Liberian Translation & Literacy Organization) keyboard was designed to be used for all Liberian and Sierra Leonean languages.

If you really want to dig down to BCP47 you need to go to the github repo where you can see the codes in this file:

@Lorna Thank’s for pointing to where those codes are. I am wondering why dnj-Latn is not in that list? dnj is the code for Dan. Are you saying that you added support to this keyboard for a language which is not in the language list?

I included the languages whose hub country was Liberia or Sierra Leone since originally I was told it supported those languages. I didn’t include languages that also are spoken in Liberia and Sierra Leone if the hub country was somewhere else. So, yes, I guess I did include support for Dan without adding the language code. It’s kind of hard to keep up with language codes as I don’t actually have them all memorized. I’ll add dnj the next time I update LIBTRALO.

@Lorna, I’m still learning the ins and outs of how these codes are applied in technology. Now, as I understand the situation, Dan, dnj-Latn-LR uses a different orthography than dnj-Latn-CI. One of the chief differences is the glyph support just added to LIBTRALO. To complicate issues a bit more there are two active orthographies in dnj-Latn-CI, one for Eastern Dan, and the other for Western Dan.