LIBTRALO keyboard


Ok, so I need to add dnj-Latn-LR instead of just dnj-Latn-CI. Do you happen to know which language group has the most established orthography?


@Lorna that would depend on what you mean by language group, and what you mean by “established orthography”… As far as ISO 639-3 is concerned they are the same language.


So, my question was in reference to the language tag rather than just the ISO 639-3 code. If dnj-Latn-LR is the most pervasive orthography then the language tag would be “dnj” and the language tag for the dialect in CI would be dnj-Latn-CI. If dnj-Latn-CI is more widely used, then it would be “dnj” and the one in Liberia would dnj-Latn-LR. The goal would be to have the shortest language tag for the most widely used orthography.


So my comment goes back to how does one measure “widely used” are we supposed to judge this based on quantity of oral speakers, are we supposed to judge this based on publishing history and quantitative output, are we supposed to judge this based on number of writers in each community? Each orthography is pervasive in their respective communities, which as far as I know don’t intermingle.


I guess this is beyond the scope of Keyman and goes into Language tagging. For this keyboard I used dnj-Latn-LR