Keyman 13 goes haywire in windows 10

  1. double clicking the Keyman Desktop once to start the program does not work. you have to double click it again to start the software.

  2. If keyman is not started, I can click on the language bar and change from one input language to another language and windows 10 behaves normal.But after starting Keyman Desktop, if I click the language bar windows goes haywire, that is windows tries to refresh, everything gets dark for a second. But the input language that is installed in keyman, which is tigrinya in my case, works fine.I can change input language from Tigrinya into another by pressing WindowsKey and SPACEBAR. But later I cannot change back into keyman’s Tigrinya again. To change to Tigrinya I have to close and restart Keyman again.
    To remedie all these problems, I have reinstalled windows 10 twice and did not install anything except keyman, closed untivirus Kaspersky,still the the problem persists. I have installed and reinstalled keyman many times even used older versions like keyman 12 and still the same problem. I have closed all programs during installation and restarted windows and still it does seem to help.

    I am using Windows 10 Pro, updated to the latest.
    the programs I use to write are word 2019,notepad++,notepad etc.
    The keyman I use is keymandesktop-

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. There is a known problem with several languages with Windows 10, including Tigrinya, for which Microsoft are releasing a patch. However, I am not sure if you’d have the patch on your system yet.

Keyman should normally detect when you are installing a keyboard with one of the languages Windows is haveing trouble with, but that clearly hasn’t happened on your system.

To work around the issue, you can associate your Keyman Tigrinya keyboard with Ge’ez instead of with Tigrinya; Ge’ez does not have the same problems on Windows 10. Follow the instructions at Many Amharic keyboards not working (where those instructions say ‘Amharic’, read ‘Tigrinya’ instead!)

More background is available at

I hope this helps!

Thanks Marc for your prompt reply. Your work around really did the trick. Now I can at least change between keyboards without restarting keyman and also click the language bar to select keyboard without windows 10 goes haywire. I really appreciate your help!
Incidentally you mentioned a windows patch that is being released. Do you happen to know which patch it is? That would solve this problem for good for many.

Best regards!

The patch update is not yet general release – it was released as part of Windows Insiders 19603 release (April 8).

Per the release notes: “We fixed an issue that could result in IMEs created for Amharic and Sinhala to not input text until rebooting your PC.”

We are still testing the update here.

Looking forward for the patch. Thanks Marc!

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