Keyboard for QWERTY now requires QWERTZ

We developed a set of keyboards for a minority language in South America, to be used on a US QWERTY layout.

Due to a hardware issue the user has to change to a Swiss German QWERTZ layout.

What is involved to achieve this? A wholesale remapping? Or is there a not so obvious straightforward method? I’ve not found anything on the Forum that helps.


Keyman does include a “mnemonic” feature (see &mnemoniclayout store), but users on platforms other than Windows may have difficulties using such a keyboard.

You may find it easier to make a parallel set of positional keyboards (that is, non mnemonic, which is the default) which are based on the Swiss German base layout.

@drowe’s advice applies if the user wants the minority language key at the position of the QWERTY Z position to be produced from the QWERTZ Z position - that is, if the key’s position should be based on the position of a certain key on the user’s actual keyboard.

If the user is fine with the minority language key staying in the same position regardless of their actual keyboard, then it should “just work” with Keyman.

Thank you for this advice. I’m told that the current laptop is condemned. The user wants assurance before buying a replacement. Following Joshua’s advice first, we will try the existing keyboard to see what happens. If it doesn’t work then we know we are in David’s scenario.

Hopefully I’ll remember to report the outcome.

Hello @Chiff,

How have you been? We hope all is going well with the laptop. Would this be an appropriate time to get an update on the situation?

If nothing else is in the way of the keyboard development, this topic will be closed in the next 14 days. We can reopen the conversation within the 14 days if the issue persists or the discussion continues.

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The user only bought the laptop in the last 7 days. Has yet to try installing the existing KM keyboard.

Thank you for the response @Chiff,

We assume that due to the issue for Keyman Developer here - Code not displaying In the Editor in KMD 16.0. You aren’t able to continue the Keyboard development process.

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