Import from MS Publisher

In Mozambique and many other countries in Africa, a large number of Shell books were produced using Microsoft Publisher. I would like to have a way to import them into Bloom. Currently, I am have to recreate each one and cut and paste the text into Bloom.

LibreOffice Writer should be able to read Microsoft Publisher (98-2010) *.pub files. From there you could save into a different format. But I’m not sure if that gets you any closer to your goal. You may still need to copy and paste into Bloom.

Publisher files can be opened in LibreOffice Draw, but I don’t see they can be opened in Writer. Within Draw, the export/save as options are just image formats, so that probably won’t help with transferring into Bloom.

There is another post regarding this topic:

There is not an easier way than copy/paste to recreate Publisher books in Bloom, but there are some tips on that post.