How to type ऱ्या in ISIS Devanagari Keyboard?

Can someone who knows Marathi typing help me with keystroke for ऱ् + या = ऱ्या (Marathi).
I could do this with marathi basic keyboard (Shift + र), but couldn’t figure it out on ISIS Devanagari keyboard (Phonetic).

Welcome to the community, @marathi_learner!

Sadly the ISIS keyboards are not well documented. I had a look at the compiled keyboard and found the following.

  • As you discovered, to type ऱ्या with the Marathi Basic keyboard you type J d / e

  • For ISIS Devanagari, to get ऱ्या, you would type r x . \ y a. The x key is a deadkey that transforms the first letter from र to ऱ when used with the . key.

excellent! it works great. Thank you for the quick response.


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