Typing rya on a Nepali keyboard

Hi Marc,
I tried your instructions to type rya on a Nepali keyboard. But I don’t get the output rya ऱ्या.
Is there any other way to get the output t ऱ्या ?
Thanks for your advice in advance!

Hi @Suwarn_Vajracharya welcome to the community!

Can you confirm which keyboard you are using? (We have six different Nepali keyboards listed on keyman.com!)

Hi Marc,
Thanks for your respond. Sorry I took time to reply you.
I have no idea what those six different Nepali keyboards.
I am using the keyboard called Nepali unicode romanized made by Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya in Nepal.
I followed a way taught by somebody how to type “र् यालि ryali” in Devanagari font of this keyboard using alt+8205. It works on my home PC but on my office PC.
I wonder why?

That ‘Nepali Unicode Romanized’ keyboard doesn’t seem to be a Keyman keyboard? Perhaps you could contact Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya for assistance?

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