How to change language and icon question

I’ve created my first keyboard, and now I’m looking to spruce things up a bit. First, my keyboard is listed as “English (United States)” in the lower right hand corner, with the name of the keyboard below it. How can I change “English (United States)” to something else? Yes, I’m using English characters, but I want to change the name to the language I’m using. I’ve poked through the program and haven’t found anything to let me change that.

Quick icon question…I found where I can add an icon, but it is a mere 16x16 pixels. The icons next to my other installed keyboards look like they are higher resolution. How can I adjust this?

Hopefully you have a .kpj file (which you use to open the whole project in Keyman developer). From the .kpj file you can open the .kmn file and the .kps (on packaging tab) file. In the .kps file, under the Keyboards tab, you add the language tag you want the keyboard to be associated with. If it’s Swahili it would be sw, if it’s Swahili in Arabic script it would be sw-Arab. You need to add the script if the keyboard is for a language+script that isn’t the default script. For Swahili the default would be Latin so you use the minimal tag. For Swahili in Arabic script you need to add the script code.

Yes, the 16x16 is what is used for the icon that shows up on the taskbar. If you are wanting to add text like “SW” you can click on the T tool and then click in the icon space and type “SW”. You can choose for the Quality to be “Plain”, Anti-aliased, or Cleartype. You get a very different look depending on your choice.

While the Keyman Developer icon editor supports only 16x16 icons, Keyman supports .ico files which can have multiple resolutions. You can edit the .ico file for your keyboard with a free online icon editing tool such as or Icon Editor - Create & Edit ICO Files Online | RedKetchup. (Once you have multiple resolutions, you will no longer be able to edit it in Keyman Developer, but you will be able to view it.)

I already have the language name set in there (via the BCP 47 tag). I’m not quite understanding what you’re talking as far as script. From what you said, it sounds like since I’m using English characters that I would need to add the script tag “Latn” but then you mentioned something about a minimal tag, but I have no idea what that is.

Since I don’t know what the language is, I can’t tell you for sure, but use the 3 letter Ethnologue code for your language tag. Since it sounds like the script is Latin, you would probably just need the 3 letter Ethnologue code. Since you said your keyboard says English (United States) it sounds like you’ve associated it with English.

I do have the 3 letter Ethnologue code for the language. I did that when I first created the keyboard. How could I have associated it with English?