Help me too install or clone existing dab

Hi thanks for this app but i cant install it
I tried 2weeks but dab show me a lot of bug
If anyone have a dab in github fonctionnal pleaaze send me a copy
I try to install new language in north Africa
Tamazight of the Rif its just a small dico
With 1000 verbs in tarifit french arabic and darija
I use special charcthers calling tifinagh our alphabet lettre of North Africa
Please help me thanks in advance

Hi please help me why new verssion of dab have
Trooblrshotting with the new sdk Android studio
I only want to build an unic dico
Thanks foor any help

Are your getting DAB to run on your computer?
Are you able to build an app?
Does the app install on your phone?

@Ian_McQuay yes im trying install dab in laptop win 10
When i run build Android app it stopping and return an eror
I trying many grandel because in few time it told me to install Android 28 and deamon error
I dont know how install it in my phone
And why i have this troubleshooting

Please help me thanks in advance

So DAB is installed and working okay.
But when you make a build it is not completing?
The screen shot did not give any error message, but you mentioned an error message. What was that?

Are you getting an APK file created?

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Thanks for your answer @Ian_McQuay yes i can t creat or build Apk file
i have this message

and many others times it aske me thats have probleme with deamon to slove it in stting i change brandle memory on dab to 1024 M
this is the output folder apk -->
please help me to reslove this error in compling to build apk
thanks so mushrmad tamazight verbe (91.4 KB)