Fatal Keyboard error if more than one keyboard in the app

Hi, as soon as I add another Keyman keyboard in the app I get the error below

If I create an app for each keyboard it works fine, but an app with more than one keyboard produces this error. Any idea why?

A similar issue was fixed in Keyboard App Builder version 3.1.1.

Are you using this latest version?

Thanks, Richard, I was sure I was up to date, but you’re right I was not running the last version. My apologies. It’s solved now. Thanks for all the good work done on this app builder.

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Whenever I try to add one or more .kmp file(s) to my Dictionary App, I’m seeing a similar error message flashing up repeatedly in the App (as soon as it opens). Could this be related in any way, or is there something wrong with the .kmp file (s)? Either way, I’d love to know how to fix this issue.

@MarkP - Can you send me the .kmp files you’re trying to add?

Either a private message or email would work.

Hi @MarkP

I’ve looked into the two .kmp files you sent me. They’re not installing on Android / iOS because the package files don’t contain the touch layout keyboards (gondi_tel.js and gondi_dev.js respectively).
The .kmp files do contain .kmx keyboards, so they will install on desktop (e.g. Keyman for Windows).

I’ll create corresponding issues in the Keyman keyboards repo so we can fix that.