Display Khmer characters in Quickbook?

Dear sir

I am kimhong from Cambodia.

Now a day I am using accounting system “ Quickbook premier 2020”. This accounting is used english language is really smooth and normal.
By the way, when I was trying to type Unicode on this accounting system, it displayed ??? Character… but when type Chinese language or Arabic language it is showed smoothly…

Do I need to buy Khmer Unicode license or any solution ?

Please let give me some advice .

Thanks .

It’s probably just a font issue; ??? is one of many symbols that appear when a program doesn’t know how to properly display what you’ve typed.

My web-searches about your app suggest you’re talking about the same program (or one very similar) to the one talked about here [link]. My apologies if it’s the wrong app.

It doesn’t sound like they have an easy way to simply set the font for use everywhere within the program, though.

It sounds likely that QuickBooks does not support Unicode input. Chinese and Arabic input have legacy pathways using codepages that mean that they can work even if the application is not fully Unicode compliant.

Unfortunately, if this is the case, the only solution is to ask the manufacturer of QuickBooks to add support for Khmer.

If you contact the manufacturer, this blog post may be helpful for them: Accepting Unicode input in your Windows application – Keyman Blog