Will DAB apps work on Kindle Fire tablets?

Just wondering if anyone has tried DAB apps on Kindle Fire and if there are any tricks to doing it, or if it is straightforward.

@Greg_Carlson, I wasn’t sure. So I got a Fire 7 for $59. It comes with Android 11.

The process was pretty easy to install apps from a website or another app:

  • Go to Settings > Security & Privacy > Apps from Unknown Sources
  • Tap apps that can install other apps (e.g. Silk Browser or download something like ES File Explorer or file sharing app)

You can also install from USB cable by going through the process of becoming a developer on the device (see Section 3 of the Building Apps document). To get to the Build Number field:

  • Go to Settings > Device Options > About Fire Tablet

I was able to install scripture apps from Scripture Earth and FCBH Global Bible Apps (for the later one, I had to go to the Downloads to complete the install.

I tried going to webonary.org to see if I could install from there, but the Download links were only for the app on Google Play. They are working on rebuilding the apps using Scriptoria which has a way to get a link to an APK to directly install. I will talk with them about updating the pages.

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