Where to change the font of the translation of an example sentence in DAB

DAB displays the french exemple sentence in a different font :

I may have inadvertently changed that myself some time ago. Now I cannot find where to change it (back?) in DAB … it looks fine in Flex :

Thanks in advance for pointing the way.


Assuming you are using xhtml. Look what style you have applied to the Example Sentence then check what the font that style is set to.

You may have changed it in the Overrides CSS. Though less likely.

Thanks Ian, actually for the French, I need to look at the styles for the translation … these are all correct. The overrides css files is also correct. Are there any “back-door” files in DAB that one can edit to make such a change? (which I inadvertently may have done …) I am suspecting DAB as it looks fine in the FLex Preview, and also the xhtml export loaded in Chrome looks file (Noto Sans), whereas in DAB it is a serif font, possibly charis? :

DAB view:

Hi Bart, could you share a screenshot of DAB>Appearance>Styles>Text Styles>French, looking particularly at span.example-text-fr, and what font-family is set to.

There are also possibly other tabs in Appearance>Styles, which are Imported Styles and Modifications, where things might be changed.
You’d be looking for something like :.entry> .senses > .sensecontent > .sense> .examplescontents .examplescontent> .example> span span[lang|=“fr”]

Let me know if that’s helpful