WeSay not yet compatible with FieldWorks 9 for Send/Receive

WeSay projects that Send/Receive with FieldWorks projects should not move to the latest stable version of FieldWorks.

Changes to a writing system file format that is included in the LIFT Send/Receive will prevent FieldWorks and WeSay from merging changes until a new version of WeSay is released. Any Send/Receives from WeSay will still succeed, but they will not be picked up by FieldWorks 9, and changes in FieldWorks 9 will not be seen in WeSay.

Any projects that rely on this workflow should continue using FieldWorks 8.3.12

Jep, I discovered this the hard way – yes, I should have red the release notes more carefully. This is a pity, because already that short test showed better performance of FLEx 9 compared to FLEx 8.