Website links

Is it possible to add a website link in the Contents Menu?
And/or to an image?

I know it can be put on the “About” page and as a Footer in the individual pages in a Book but prefer it to be immediately visible on the Contents Menu page when the app launches.

Not that I know of.

I’d try putting in Markdown hyperlink. link words

Thanks, Ian.
There is nothing at this link … should there be?

Ian, I did some looking around on Markdown hyperlinks.
Best I can find is what is already instructed for how to add a link on the “About” page and Book “Footers”.
Which of course I had already tried in the Contents Menu.
Did you have something else in mind?

No I just did not have time to test before I wrote. If you have tried it already then that is the answer, it is not supported.

What about creating a page with links and link to that page from the Content Menu? Just an idea.

Hi Ian.
But if I create a “page” those links will not be live either. Only on the Footer of that page.
I did put them on the contents page so they can be seen … they’re just not live there.

Just trying to make it as user friendly as possible for the “village level”.

Sorry for wasting your time, Ian.
You are right, of course that works.

I had tried that before but it did not work.

Just noticed now I had a space between … [website] _ (url) … thus the link would not become “live”.


Good detective work. Syntax means a lot to computers. Thanks for letting us know.