Virtual IPA keyboard


I installed several IPA keyboards through keyman but I can’t get an IPA virtual KB.
Usually all the keyman virtual keyboards function.
thank you

Welcome to the community @Agiaraqti,

Apparently, some keyboards have on screen keyboard and some don’t because it depends on the authors of the keyboard.

I found 2 IPA keyboards that have OSKs:

Please ask if you have more questions!

Have a nice day!

FYI: @Lorna do you have plan to create an OSK for IPA (SIL) keyboard?

The Tagdal keyboard was designed for a user who only needed a handful of IPA characters, so I wouldn’t recommend it for typing IPA.

If you are referring to this keyboard: we do not have an on-screen keyboard because it doesn’t seem particularly helpful since the main keys are the same as US Qwerty. All the ipa characters are accessed with modifier keys. You can read the documentation here:

If you are wanting a mobile keyboard, yes this keyboard does have that and the characters are accessed through long press keys.

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