Viewer displays skewed image

If I go to Books ➢ <book name> ➢ Viewer tab, I see a skewed view of the preview.

Presume this is a bug that needs to be fixed?

Have not seen that before. As I don’t have the same issue, it is unlikely to be a RAB bug, though it could be a bad installation. It may just be something on your computer causing a conflict.

If you do View in Browser, does that works as expected?

I’d do an uninstall a then a reinstall the latest version. That won’t affect your projects they will still be there.

I’m getting the same thing on my computer…The viewer is skewed

Is this in 9.3 or another version?

Do either of you have a screen that is higher res than 1920x1080?

I am using RAB 9.3 and my screen resolution is 1920x1080

RAB 9.3

4k screen (3840 × 2160)

In the browser it looks normal.

Sorry for the very late reply!

The latest RAB version is 10.1.1. We are expecting 10.2 to be out by the end of November. Can you test on the current version?

4K screens seem to have some challenges. Some of which seem to be the Java subsystem that RAB runs on.