Using the osk as a guide while actually typing in a physical keyboard

I once had access to an OSK that would highlight the key images that corresponded to the keys as they were pressed on my physical keyboard. That was back in the days of Win 7. The program in question quit functioning early in Win 10 and I never put in the time needed to learn to touch type using that system. Is there a setting to do this with this OSK program?

Hi @Arnold

Assuming you’re using a Keyman keyboard, you can have Keyman for Windows display the OSK by clicking the Keyman icon in the tray and selecting the highlighted menu item below

Keyman OSK

Keyman keyboards that include the OSK .kvk file will display the keys for each layer.

For example, khmer_angkor

We don’t currently have a function to highlight keys as you type. We have an open feature request to implement this at OSK graphically responds to key pressed at real time · Issue #2481 · keymanapp/keyman · GitHub

I wish I could offer to help but I don’t know enough about writing code to be of any value to the team. I am trying to learn C++ however, I’m an old man without much background in any sort of code writing.

No worries, I understand – I wish we could get to these feature requests faster but we are a very small team with limited resources, so it all takes a while!

I just wish I could write code so I can help.

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