User settings for mobile keyboards

Is there a way to have user-controllable settings for mobile keyboards? I have three settings I’d like to provide:

Default layout in newContexts (qwerty vs. custom Triqui layout)
Accent deadkey behavior (before or after the vowel)
Predictive model behavior (beginner mode, where the search function treats vowel variants like “a/an/anh/ah/aa/aan” (an = nasal, ah = glottalized) as the same, and advanced mode, where they are treated as different).

For the first two, I was able to create a new “config” layer that sets variable stores that control certain rules, which should work okay.

  1. Is there any kind of dedicated user configuration for mobile keyboards, rather than constructing one out of a new layer and variable stores?

  2. Is there any way to have configurations for the lexical model on mobile, without having to just have two separate model packages?

Hello @kmshames,

Currently, Keyman doesn’t have what you’re looking for. You can create a feature request here and write in detail about what you need.


Yes, agreeing with @nyny here, these are the kinds of things we’d like to be able to do in the future. A good user story really helps us to understand the best way to design flexibility so look forward to seeing the feature request!