Update to Keyman 16+

My custom-coded Android App just got old enough on the store that new users can’t get it. I was happily working along nearly ready to replace my custom-coded Keyboard app with one from KAB, until I ran into a bug where lowercase letters were being output from my RALT-CAPS layer.
This is a Keyman 15 bug that was fixed in KM 16, the current stable version.
I tried to drop in the KM16 engine to KAB, but then it gave io.sentry errors on build (which is exactly what my custom App was doing). I’m stuck!

When might KMEA16+ be supported in DAB?

I was quite content with new my KAB app until I realized it was KM15. Updating icons was easy. You’ve nailed working with multiple keyboards, have the about pages, etc. I could even style things my way with the CSS. I still will want to switch over eventually and stop maintaining mine, especially if you get the resize feature. I’m also curious to see what records sends as far as analytics.

The only hard blocker is:
-the old version of KM that doesn’t fully support CAPS.

My top desires for KAB would be:
-a way to view the KMP documentation locally or a page where I could add/import it.
-enabling the resize keyboard option
-and the ability to add links on the “Main” page (HTML links added below the button aren’t clickable).

An update to my existing app became urgent because new clients were no longer seeing it in the store. So, I stayed up late last night working to get my hand-coded app compiling with new versions of Gradle and Keyman 16. The custom app limps on a little longer waiting for KAB.

I know that @david_moore1 was looking at upgrading KM for the next major release of app builders for iOS.

We will likely update KM for KAB 11.

I see Keyboard App Builder 11.0.1 (Android/Windows), but I don’t see an upgrade of KM in the release notes. Did it happen?