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I made a customized foreign language keyboard. I have several versions of in kmn and also in kps. But when I try to compile the kps it fails with no explanation except a red text “kps was not compiled successfully.” What could the problem be and what can I do?

Are you using Keyman Developer? Can you share your source code? I don’t think .zip files can be posted here, but if you have a place where you can place a .zip file, you can post the link here.

Thanks for responding.
Yes, I am using Keyman Developer.
Attached is the file of the source folder. I hope it is the one you need. It might have things from other attempted keyboards that didn’t work. The one I am talking about is the one called “Tablet”.

Yes, I made it with the Keyman Developer. I might add that that I have had the specialized keyboard on my desktop and laptop for years and it works fine. But it won’t even install into my phone or tablet. How can I fix it so that it will work on my phone and tablet?

I see from your directory you have a source file for the touch layout named

When Keyman Developer successfully compiles Tablet, two of the files it generates are:

  • Tablet.kmx - this is the keyboard for desktop and laptop
  • Tablet.js - this is the touch keyboard for phones and tablets

Then in Keyman Developer, select the package editor and make sure you’ve added Tablet.kmx and Tablet.js to the package. On the keyboards tab, you’ll also want to specify the language to use for Tablet.js.

Please refer to

Thanks for responding!
I do have in the file tablet.kmx and tablet-code.js. Do I need a file tablet.js without the word “code”? If so, how do I get it?

Hello @halaywi,

You have provided us with plenty of information and the whole keyboard package folder as well in the latest discussion here - Can’t Compile kmn so we’re happy to look into the issue further if it persists.

In that case, the issue is now resolved. And due to inactiveness of the discussion, this conversation will be closed in 14 days.

Thank you @drowe and @darcy for the guidance.

Have a wonderful day.

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