Unable to Upload Collection

I am unable to successfully upload the collection we have created because the cmo-Khmr bookshelf does not appear when I attempt to select it in the Book Making tab of Settings. We are using the SIL Enterprise license and have set up a bookshelf for cmo-Khmr.

Hi Todd.

Books are automatically categorized into language bookshelves on Bloom Library so you don’t need to select a bookshelf in the Book Making tab. Just go ahead and upload.

Yes, I can upload books one at a time, but I would like to be able to upload the entire collection at one go.

I can look into this for you.

Please private message me the name of your Enterprise subscription.
(Not the full code, just the part before the numbers.)

H Andrew. I have a similar difficulty. If I want to get to my collection, I have to go via the Bloom Library site

then type in a title such as 1 John that I know there are study books for in there, then click translate into your language and then my Bloom collections appear. There is no way I have found to directly access them.
I’d appreciate your help. This also means that I cannot share the Bloom books I have translated with my colleagues out in Ivory Coast and they are not able to make the corrections needed by the native speakers of the language.
Thanks for your help in advance. I’m obviously missing something.
Mandy Caley

Hi Mandy. When you sign in to Bloom Library, you should be able to view all of your uploaded books.

See My Books | Bloom Docs for details.

If you need further help, let me know and I’ll set up a short video call with you.

Thanks Colin.So to log in to my collection I first have to go to Bloom books, and sign in, but there’s nothing in the ‘my books’ tab… so on
bloomlibrary,org on the home page I click on a book, (even if I don’t actually want it)and then my Bloom library opens and I’m in!! Long winded way around, but I don’t know another way! I must have saved the books wrongly, but I don’t know!! Thanks for your input.

Hey Mandy. I will send you an email to schedule a Zoom support call.

Hi Miranda,

The next time this happens, please try doing a browser refresh and see if that has the same effect. If it doesn’t work, please try a “hard refresh”.