"Unable to locate package" on Linux

I’m trying to install Keyman for Linux on my VM running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

The following lines have been run successfully:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:keymanapp/keyman
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install keyman ibus-keyman onboard

But the last line gave these.

E: Unable to locate package keyman
E: Unable to locate package ibus-keyman

Have I missed anything in the installation process?

Ubuntu 14.04 is not supported :slight_smile: We support 16.04 and later.

I’ve upgraded to Linux 16.04, but when running the third line, it says “the packages have been kept back”. (See the details below)

makara@makara-VirtualBox:~$ sudo apt-get upgrade
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
Calculating upgrade… Done
The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:
linux-headers-4.4.0-72 linux-headers-4.4.0-72-generic linux-image-4.4.0-72-generic linux-image-extra-4.4.0-72-generic
Use ‘sudo apt autoremove’ to remove them.
The following packages have been kept back:
libparse-debianchangelog-perl onboard onboard-data
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 3 not upgraded.

You should be able to upgrade those kept-back packages with the following:

sudo apt-get install onboard onboard-data

See this topic for more information: https://askubuntu.com/questions/601/the-following-packages-have-been-kept-back-why-and-how-do-i-solve-it

I think we still ran into issues getting Launchpad to build the packages for 16.04, and opted to support 18.04 and 20.04

The issue with Xenial is buried at the end of https://keyman.com/linux/

Note: there’s currently a limitation where the Keyman packages are incomplete on the Xenial ppa.

Of the two options:

  1. Recompile Keyman for Linux on your existing 16.04 VM (should work)
  2. Make a 20.04 VM and install the Keyman package

I recommend 20.04 :slight_smile: