Unable to install The Heidelberg Input Solution(for Sanskrit and Pali). Win11

The Heidelberg Input Solution

I can’t install The Heidelberg Input Solution on Win 11.

This error message comes.

Details for error report for Keyman app:
Application Identifier: kmshell-14.0.283
Error Identifier: A2BFDBA9F40245E775432728D8D7154D

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It looks like you have already had 4 “transient” keyboards installed. Can you try uninstall one of the four and then install this keyboard again?

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Korean (hnc input method)

I see only 3 keyboards here and same problem. What mean “transient” keyboards?

I have taken a look at the crash report and there is a definite bug in Keyman here. Investigating, may take me a little while to get to the bottom of this.

This crash is related to another reported crash, I believe: Problem with installation (Keyman Developer) - #8 by redlemon