Unable to install Keyman 16 while offline. Unclear what the dependencies are

Can someone tell me what dependencies Keyman 16 (or 15) expects to have installed on a Windows 10 x64 system?

I tried installed Keyman 15 and Keyman 16 on a Windows 10 x64 system which is completely offline. The installer said that some dependencies were missing and would try to download them. It did not specify what it was trying to download and when that failed I had no way to manually update my system to try and help the installer.

I looked in the documentation area of Keyman and did a Google serach but did not find a page that listed the dependencies. The page that would be most relevant to include this information may be: How To - Download and Install Keyman alongside the text:

The installer may need to download additional components from keyman.com in order to complete the installation. If prompted by your firewall software, ensure you Allow the installer to access the web.

If dependencies can be listed on the download page, the install help page, or on the installer itself (especially in error messages), it will help those of us performing offline installations.


Although the installation tries to continue, Keyman does not work without the expected dependencies being installed.

The basic installer is a web-based installer, so only includes the bootstrap setup. You can download a full installer from Download Keyman for Windows 16.0 – see the bottom of the page.

If you run the installer from the command line, include the -o parameter to have it run offline. Keyman does not have any other dependencies on Windows 10, only on older versions of Windows.

If you are wanting to install Keyman and keyboard together, you can do this with a setup.inf file. See also other topics on this forum, e.g.:

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