is looking bad in PT8 and LibreOffice etc. on screen; looking too high in several zoom levels.

Not an expert, just a user. So guessing that the hinting is off or missing. Ever since I noticed it a few days ago, I see it more and more often. When the glyph happens to be between two pointing-at-it-serifs like wʊm it is especially disturbing.

I trust that it will always print properly. But I am spending a significant part of my life looking at Charis SIL on screens. So I beg that somebody would go and have a look under the hood, please. Thank you.

Oh, of course, all the other glyphs are looking good. Never noticed any other getting-out-of-line. This is one reason why I keep seing so much of Charis on all those screens, it is our normal project work-horse-font.

Thanks for the feedback. We’re preparing a new release of Charis for later this year, and we’re hoping it will address a variety of rendering issues. I’ll make note of this one and check it.