Two computers in a workshop getting "Bloom was not able to create the PDF file..."

I’ve just installed 4.2.1 on 5 computers in a workshop and on two of them we are getting this “Bloom was not able to create the PDF file…”
Details": BloomPdfMaker (command line) did not produce the expected document.
The book’s images might have exceeded the amount of RAM memory available. Please turn on the “Use Less Memory” option which is slower but uses less memory"

As this was the first day of the literacy workshop, these books have no pictures. I found the “Use Less Memory” option, but that didn’t make any difference.
They both have 4GB of memory. One is Windows 7, and I am not sure what the other one is. It maybe 7 as well.
Any ideas?

Scott, Bloom 4.3 has a significant improvement in this area. Let us know if 4.3 fixes it. Otherwise, checkout Solving memory problems when making a PDF

Another idea, Scott. Though a computer might have 4GB (or 32GB) of RAM, what maters is how much RAM that Bloom (a 32-bit app) can use. Restart the computer to make sure Bloom and its separate PDF maker exe can get a normal amount RAM.

Thank you John, I’ll try installing 4.3.109 Beta on their machines.

I took a look at that link. These books didn’t have any pictures, and they were only 2 or 3 additional pages. I suspect that there’s an issue with the computers. I’ll let you know what happens.


Installing 4.3.109 Beta did not work around the problem. I think we’re dealing with issues on the computer. One machine was ‘fixed’ at a shop out in town by reinstalling Windows, I suspect it’s authenticity. The other one is Windows 10 and defender is showing virus issues. Defender showed a list of virus that were ‘approved’ to continue on the computer.

I’m having them continue on creating their books in Bloom as that is why they are here. We can copy\paste the collection to another computer for printing, should we not be able to get around this.

Hi Scott,

Ok, it might help in your troubleshooting to know that Bloom runs an external program named “BloomPdfMaker.exe” to make pdfs. It’s been a couple years, but it used to happen occasionally that an antivirus program would block Bloom from running that program, or even remove it from the installation folder.