Trying to Download IPA-MACkbd.dmg

I am trying to download the IPA-MACkbd.dmg from the old site but I keep getting a timeout error. The same is true for the MSKLC keyboard for Windows. Does anyone have a copy of the IPA-MACkbd.dmg (IPA keyboad for MAC) that they can share with me?


Doug Rintoul

I assume you saw the note on the relevant page:

We no longer maintain any of the keyboards on this page. The Keyman program is cross-platform (works on Windows, macOS, Linux) and the IPA (SIL) keyboard is our recommended keyboard for typing IPA: IPA (SIL)

Hi Bob,

Yes, of course I did. I find Keyman overkill, if I just want to type IPA on a MAC and the old IPA-MACkbd works perfectly fine and is easier to install and set up even if it is no longer maintained.



As far as I know, those downloads are supposed to work, but I’m seeing the same timeouts.

I have reported the problem to our TechOps team.