Trilingual books not showing 3 languages in B'Reader

Hi all.

I’ve reformatted some of our Philippine books (from basic book to device landscape) including 3 language versions of the text - L1, English and Filipino. I’ve then saved these as an ePUB for Bloom reader. Although, when I open the books in Bloom reader, many give only 2 language options - L1 or Filipino. If I save the ePUB as a diglot (L1 and English) then there are 3 language options to chose from in Bloom reader (but I don’t really want to save them as diglot books). Is there something I’m missing??

Thanks :slight_smile: Christine

Hi Christine,
We’d like to take a look. Could you point us to your book on or else send us a copy using the “Report a Problem” command?


Thanks John.
I’ve sent a ‘Report and Problem’ - here
The book has text in L1, Filipino and English. All work in Bloom.

Below is a screenshot of what appears in Bloom Reader - no English option.