Transcribe multiple speakers? (Manual?)

I fail to find a manual / helpfile / documentation for SayMore (could just be me), and I see no screenshots showing transcriptions of multiple speakers, and / or possibility of commentary time-aligned with sound/transcript. (And I am on a work computer where I can’t download the software just to try it without sweet-talking the tech people in a different city…)

So, if there is a manual I’ll look it up, else, could someone tell me of the openness/limitations of the correspondence of tiers in a program like ELAN for example? (And/or upload screenshots from which I can deduce the answers…)

Many thanks in advance,


The manual comes as part of the program. However you can fish it out of our build system here. When prompted, click “login as guest”.

You can see screenshots here.

Sorry, SayMore does not support multivoice transcription. For single voice, you can transcribe in Saymore and then open in ELAN for further tiers (SayMore uses ELAN-format files).

And of course you can use SayMore just for the metadata, and do all your transcription work in ELAN.

Thanks a lot for your swift reply! Just to say I eventually did find the page explaining what SayMore doesn’t do (excellent idea!).

Yes I did see the screenshots, but for (now) obvious reasons none showing multiple speaker transcripts! … so you can export to ELAN and add tiers, but then it “won’t fit” anymore if you try to get it back into SayMore, right?

Actually, I want more tiers also for various types of commentary and so on (time-aligned, not just that otherwise really useful function where you can associate misc. other files etc. to your sound file+transcription), so let’s consider this a feature request :wink:

But it does seem like a really excellent piece of software in many ways, perhaps esp. for meta data, so many thanks for providing it!