Training people to train others in Bloom

Dear Friends, Could you give me some advice? I am having a hard time finding an
Indonesian person who is willing to get trained in Bloom and then train
others in Bloom. No one wants to do this for free. But if I have to pay
that person, then it is not sustainable at all. Do you have any suggestions?

Craig, I suggest you post this to the Google group for Bloom trainers in Indonesia. (You are already part of that group).

There are Indonesians who are already using Bloom and training others, but if you post your request to the Indonesia Bloom trainers group, those who are interested/available could respond.

If you are wanting them to provide training outside their current group, then there may be an expectation that some payment be provided. This would need to be negotiated with those receiving/providing the training.

For getting trained in Bloom, SIL LEAD does have a self-paced course on Google Classroom. There is also a Bloom Trainer certification course which does have a charge for people outside SIL.

I tried to use your link to the SIL LEAD self-paced course, but it sent me to a “Class Not Found” page. I’m really interested in finding out more about that training, as well as the Bloom Trainer certification course. Could you tell me where else I might be able to look into those?

Thanks Bruce.
I would be interested in both the self paced course and the certification course also.

It seems that the Google Classroom course code has changed. @paul_frank - can you add the link to the Bloom self-paced course here.

We recommend people start with the self-paced course first, then move onto the Trainer certification course. I can add you to the Trainer certification course, but Paul or SIL LEAD are responsible for the self-paced course.

Self-Paced Class:
The current code for the Self-Paced class is: hybxxrd

You are already listed as a student in the Self-Paced class.

Self-Paced Class:
Try the current code: hybxxrd

Thanks, the code solved it for me. The link only showed me the blank “Class not found” page, but from there I could click on the “Add class” plus sign and enter the code to access the class. Thanks again.

Hi Paul Frank, I see all the lessons from 1-7 and 9 but I could not find lesson 8. Is there a lesson 8? Craig

All the lessons are in the self-paced class. Lesson 8 does not have a PDF associated with it. That is by design.