Tigrigna keyboard problem

Greeting and best wishes, I have been using Keyman from version 7 for windows, at this time I upgraded to version 13.but I have problem with my keyboard. it crashes and impossible to use my keyboard. I tried to uninstall it many time and reinstall. it did not help.
my windows is 7
Language I use Amharic, Tigrigna
thank you for help.

Which Tigrigna keyboard are you using? Maybe you need to update your keyboard file as well.

Looking through the list of keyboards for Tigrigna, some of them look older. This one looks current to me.

Eritrian Tigrigna: https://keyman.com/tigrigna/eritrean
Ethiopian Tigrigna: https://keyman.com/tigrigna/

Thank you Mr. White I appreciat your help I will try it.

Can you give a little more detail on crashes? Do you receive an error dialog with details you can refer to us (or can you share a screenshot)?

Thank you for your help, I don’t receive error msg, just my keyboard crushes until I close Keyman.
I use Amharic & Tigrigna keyboards. I work in Excel 7 & Win7.

I’m sorry I don’t understand what you mean by ‘my keyboard crushes’. Can you explain in more detail?

My keyman 9 works good, but when I uppgrade to the latest one ver. 13 my keyboard starts not to respond & stop responding.

Okay, we will need some more information to find out why the keyboard stops responding. Can you send us a diagnostic report following the instructions at https://help.keyman.com/kb/40 please?

Asmarino, may I follow up on this? Has the issue been fixed for you?

Dear friend thank for your help, I was not using keyman for long, but now I was trying to upgrade from ver 9 to ver13 but the installation stops and give me msg “failed to setup default option for keyman Desktop. The requested operation requires elevation”
I am using keyman for Ethiopian Amharic & Tigrigna in Window 7 professional. Pls help.


Hi Asmarino. Have you tried running the set up as Administrator?