Tifinagh QWERTY layout

The only Tifinagh keyboards are in the AZERTY layout; it would be useful to have one in QWERTY as well for use outside the Francophone world (e.g. Libya or the diaspora). Would someone be willing to make one? It should be very easy, as it’s just a matter of rearranging the existing Tifinagh (Full) Basic keyboard.

(I could theroretically create it myself, of course, but I’m on a Mac and I wasn’t able to figure out how to do it from the command line.)

Welcome to the community @Metaknowledge!

Does the SIL Tawallammat Tifinagh keyboard (Documentation) meet your needs?

Otherwise: @makara would you be interested in preparing a QWERTY version of the Tifinagh (Full) Basic keyboard?

Hi Marc. That keyboard, like the other Tifinagh keyboards, is AZERTY.

I can help and prepare the keyboard, but @Metaknowledge I have some questions for you?

  1. Would you only like to have this keyboard for computer or mobile as well?
  2. Either way, I would like your input regarding keyboard layouts. How would you like the QWERTY Tifinagh to look like on computer and/or mobile devices?
  3. A documentation is needed for the QWERTY version of the keyboard, can you help and write up something like this (Tawallammat Tifinagh (SIL) Keyboard Help)? Don’t worry about the images and html side of it for now.
  4. How would you like the keyboard to be called? Is there any preferred logo for the keyboard that you have in mind?
  5. Is there any preferred font for the language/keyboard?

Thank you, Makara!

  1. I am mainly interested in computer usage, but mobile would be good as well.
  2. Sorry, I don’t understand this question. I can provide the mapping if that’s what you mean.
  3. Yes, I can write that up.
  4. I don’t know the naming conventions; something like “Tifinagh (Full) QWERTY” would probably be good. I have no opinion on logos.
  5. The preferred font would be Ebrima, I guess — all of that should just be inherited from the Tifinagh (Full) Basic keyboard.

How would you like the keyboard to look like? Something similar to the AZERTY:

Default layer:

Shift layer:

AltGr layer (if applicable):

The thing is that I do not know the language enough to decide where to put what on the keyboard layout.

Yes, similar to the AZERTY layout. The differences would be:

  1. All non-letter keys should match their usual QWERTY mappings.
  2. Referring to the keys by the character in the upper right-hand corner from the images above, the changes from AZERTY are:
    ; should be a non-letter key with the usual QWERTY mapping
    q should map to unshifted ⵇ and shifted ⵈ
    w should map to unshifted ⵡ and shifted ⴾ
    a should map to unshifted ⴰ and shifted ⴶ
    z should map to unshifted ⵣ and shifted ⵥ
    m should map to unshifted ⵎ and shifted ⴺ
    That leaves the problem of a convenient mapping for ⵯ; I would suggest using ` to map to ⵯ.

I think that covers everything, but let me know if I’ve forgotten something.

There are three letter characters on the non-letter keys (see the three red highlighted keys below).

The eight yellow highlighted ones have been repositioned to accommodate the global change to the no-letter keys.


  1. Can you suggest what to do with the red highlighted keys?
  2. What do you think about the yellow highlighted key positions?
  3. How would you like the touch layout to look like? I suppose it should be updated to reflect the changes made on the desktop layout, shouldn’t it?