Tibetan Unicode Direct (Dvorak)

I’m new to Keyman 11. I’m using Tibetan Unicode Direct (QWERTY). I’d rather be using something like Tibetan Unicode Direct (Dvorak): phonetic based on Dvorak, not QWERTY, keyboard. Is there such a thing? I’m on Windows 10, on desktop PC.

Here is a list of the Tibetan keyboards we currently have. You can go to the page and click on “documentation” to view what they layout will be. I suspect none of these are actually what you are looking for though.


Thanks, Lorna. That’s what I suspected too. However, Keyman’s type online sampler for Tibetan Direct, with the Windows keyboard set to Dvorak, seems to do what I want. ???

In theory we could enable ‘mnemonic layout’ for Tibetan Direct, in which case it would get Dvorak support automatically. Looking at the source that seems feasible and not much work. But we do have questions on copyright for this keyboard, so need to look into that before we could publish an update.

Because KeymanWeb works on top of the system keyboard, you’ll see the desired behaviour there. This doesn’t always work out in your favour – for ‘positional’ style keyboards, it can be very frustrating – but for this situation it works out well for you. See my previous comment for a possible pathway to do the same for the Keyman Desktop keyboard.