The same OS and software installed in desktop and laptop but tigrinya fonts not visible in the laptop

I am not sure if the problem has to do with keyman or DB Browser for SQL. In both my Desktop computer and Laptop the OS is a 64-bit windows 10 Pro version 21H1 and OS build 19043.1165.
Similarly, the same DB Browser for SQL in both computers. The version is 3.12.2 Qt version 5.12.8, SQLite version 3.35.5.
The database file I am using has both english and tigrinya fonts.
The problem is in my desktop I can see both the tigrinya and english data entries in the database tables correctly.But not in my laptop, I can only see in the database tables the english fonts correctly not the tingriya fonts.
The Keyman version I am using in both computers is 14.
Using Keyman in both computers I can write tigrinya fonts in applications such as notepad++,in chrome etc. Why would tigrinya fonts be visible in the desktop computer but not in the laptop when both computers have the same software and OS versions?

  1. What version of Keyman are you using specifically? Is it 14.0.280?
  2. Which Tigrinya keyboard are you using?
  3. Does your laptop have the necessary font installed? There seem to be an issue with font here.
  1. yes, I am using Keyman 14.0.280 version. I have also tried older version
  2. Eritrean Tigrinya keyboard
  3. I have already copied the fonts from the functioning desktop into the laptop. Both have the same fonts.

For this particular keyboard, the necessary fonts should be installed together with the keyboard – namely Ethiopic Unicode Italic and Ethiopic Unicode Normal`.

I can try and look into this issue further on Zoom with you if you rather.

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I don’t know your time zone, but here are two options for you to pick:

  1. 8 AM (UTC) of today (Sept 1)
  2. 2 AM (UTC) of tomorrow (Sept 2)

A Zoom link will be sent to you in DM once the time is confirmed.

8 UTC today September 1 would be great if it is still possible!

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A DM with a link to the Zoom room has been sent to you. See you in about 2 hours.

ok, I will be on Zoom at 8 a.m UTC time.

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OK. See you in 55 minutes or so. Go to the link below to see what time it is exactly locally.,1821306&h=100&sts=27174240&sln=8-8.5&a=preview

It turns out that Keyman is working OK. I have tested and typed in the DB using GFF Tigrinya-Eritrean Keyboard. The DB you are using might have been corrupted somehow.

Here is what is shown when using the keyboard to type in the DB Browser for SQLite.