The first order Tigrinya letter ዐ seems impossible to type

As the title says, I’ve tried all key combinations and there is simply no way to type the letter so my only resort right now is to copy paste the letter from somewhere else every time I want to use it.

I’m on the latest MacOS and using the GFF Tigrinya-Ethiopia Keyboard package version 1.3.12. Hope someone can help me out or fix this potential bug.

Hi. I’ll move this topic to the Keyman category where someone in the community may be able to help you

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@dyacob is familiar with the GFF keyboards and might know.

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I have taken a look at the source of this keyboard (found at and I believe that there may be a bug there – it does look like it is not possible to generate ዐ, as you say. The problem may lie in line 42, where

store(ሳድስ)  'ህልሕምሥርስሽቅቕብቭትችኅንኝእክኽውዐዝዥይድጅግጥጭጵጽፅፍፕ'

should be

store(ሳድስ)  'ህልሕምሥርስሽቅቕብቭትችኅንኝእክኽውዕዝዥይድጅግጥጭጵጽፅፍፕ'

Note the ዕ in place of ዐ. This would then allow typing ዐ with EE or Ee.

If @dyacob can confirm this, an fix can be built and distributed pretty quickly :slight_smile: .

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Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to even look into it until near the end of the month, or possibly early March. I do have a number of updates I intend to make then. For now, if the keyboard is not working as per the manual, then @Marc please make the quick fix when you get a chance.



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I’ve opened an issue at

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Thanks for taking the time to report the problem. In addition to opening an issue, Marc also submitted a fix to the keyboard code, which has been approved and merged and should be available shortly.

Please try the new version (1.3.13) and see if that fixes the problem. (Download from once the version listed near the bottom of the page changes from 1.3.12 to 1.3.13)

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I just installed the latest version and now everything works perfectly! Thanks everybody for your quick and helpful responses!

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